5 Marco Bicego Jewelry Pieces That Belong In Every Luxury Jewelry Collection

A perfect showcase of fine Italian craftsmanship and passion towards jewelry, Marco Bicego jewelry is known for its extensively versatile range of collections. From dainty bracelets to studded necklaces, the brand includes fine pieces of jewelry suited for every occasion. Specifically designed keeping in mind the functionality of the jewelry, the designs are forged to be worn and not colle in a box. Worn by many celebrities, Marco Bicego designer jewelry is truly inspired by women and the true beauty of their individuality.

Here are 5 impeccable pieces of Marco Bicego jewelry that belong in your luxury jewelry collection :

1. Cairo Collection 18K Gold Ring

Fine fibres of gold foiled into woven coarse strands are then wrapped on wide forged fingerband. This 18k beauty is the representation of elegance and strength just like the women it is inspired by. The Cairo collection features the strand wrapping technique in a peculiar way to create a silk woven effect in each piece.

Cairo Collection 18K Gold Ring

2. White Gold 0.15ct Vs/G Diamond Marrakech Bracelet

Featuring the hand twisted strands of gold and careful positioning of each diamond, the Marrakech white gold and diamond bracelet is created with a contemporary flavor specifically for women with a minimal taste. They can be stacked as well for a graceful look. Marrakech collection is one of the signature collections of Marco Bicego.

White Gold 0.15ct Vs/G Diamond Marrakech Bracelet

3. Yellow Gold Dangle Drop Siviglia Earrings

Made with hand forged gold pebbles, dangle drop Siviglia earrings are chandeliers with 10 pebbles each. The gold pebbles are hand engraved and neatly stacked in a rhombus shape. The pebble effect in Siviglia collection is inspired by the cobblestone streets of Seville, a place where Marco Bicego found himself in search for an epochal design.

White Gold 0.15ct Vs/G Diamond Marrakech Bracelet

4. Yellow Gold Satin Finish Jaipur - Color Necklace

With 3 18K gold links entangled within each other, this necklace is the masterpiece that reflects the beauty of good craftsmanship. The gold links are engraved to give them a finish of satin, attached to a dainty gold chain. The necklace is a part of Marco Bicego’s Jaipur collection which entails jewelry pieces made with different sized gold pebbles and diamonds featuring gold link knots.

White Gold 0.15ct Vs/G Diamond Marrakech Bracelet

5. Yellow and White Gold 1.08ct Diamond Bracelet

Created with hand twisted white gold stands featuring a diamond link in between along with 4 tastefully placed diamonds, this bracelet is the definition of graceful. It is a part of the Goa collection of Marco Bicego which features jewelry pieces of white and yellow gold along with diamond studded strings wrapped together.

Yellow and White Gold 1.08ct Diamond Bracelet

Marco Bicego Jewelry is a mix of inexplicable skills and culture from around the world. Experienced handcrafting of his inspiration into precious metals and stones make Marco Bicego’s jewelry truly unique and a heritage.

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