5 Most Popular Cuts For Your Engagement Ring

Our lives have always been divided into different phases, starting from the juvenile to senescent phase. An undeniably important phase of life is the time when a person is getting married. The wedding is known to be a significant affair in every person’s life and the most important element of marriage or engagement is the engagement ring. Selecting your engagement ring might be bewildering for many with excessive options at hand.

engagement ring

If you too are about to get married or engaged and are in a dilemma of finding the best engagement ring for yourself then you should know about these top five popular cuts on the engagement rings that you must have.

Oval cut

In the much talked about engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton, oval rings were used. The oval cut diamond has been around ever since the time diamond was discovered, but these are being utilised only recently. In today’s time, oval cut of the diamond is in much high demand than compared to any other type of diamond. Oval cut diamonds come with an advantage over all other types of diamonds as they come with a larger surface which makes them seem larger than they actually are in their appearance.

Marquis cut

The marquis cut is one of the most oldest cuts known so far in the diamonds, they can be dated back to around the 1700s. This one is the most flattering cut of them all as it is a longer one. This cut makes an amazing solitaire ring as it is quite narrow in shape and it imparts a slender longer look to the fingers. The marquis cuts are quite prone to damage due to its structuring.

Cushion cut

The cushion cut was observed firstly in the year 1800s and it became rarer by the mid-1900s. The popularity of this diamond cut has again skyrocketed in the 21st century. The cushion cut got its name from the shape of a pillow which is somewhere in between the rectangle and round shape. It comes with less facets than the normal round brilliant cut.

Princess cut

Princess cut is the second most popular and widely used cut on the diamond rings. This cut is comparatively a new type of cut and was introduced in the era of 1960s. The downward face of a princess cut generally resemble a pyramid having four different sides. The princess cut diamonds are generally more affordable in comparison to other types of diamond cuts.

Round Brilliant cut

The round brilliant cut is the most cardinal yet the most stylish cut of them all. The round brilliant cut looks absolutely phenomenal on solitaire kind of rings. They have been the favourite and the most well used type of diamond cut for engagements from decades.

These are the most well known and the most trendy cuts that you will find on engagement rings. At Mulloy's Jewelry you will find the most exquisite designs for engagement rings along with some amazing set of Marco Bicego jewelry, Roberto coin jewelry and various other types of jewelry.

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