Andromeda Collection: Elegantly Vintage Pieces from Konstantino Jewelry

Konstantino Jewelry Andromeda Collection

Vintage jewelry is not just heirlooms and stored in old accessory boxes nowadays. You can have your own vintage-inspired accessories through Konstantino jewelry.

Newly Released Andromeda Collection

The company recently released Andromeda Collection, a set inspired by the Greek goddess Andromeda. Deep blue and bright green gems contrasting silver bands, this collection represents the beautiful and vibrant colors of the Andromeda constellation in the northern sky.

Andromeda Collection: Bracelets

Konstantino Jewelry Andromeda Collection Bracelets

There are a several variety of bracelets, rings and earrings available for purchase. One of their bestsellers include the sterling silver and 18k gold stone cuff bracelets. It features a thick sterling silver cuff with intricate details embedded with beautiful malachite gems. The sterling silver and 18k gold hinge bracelet features the same style of intricate etchings on the band and a lapis stone on both hinge ends.

Andromeda Collection: Rings

Konstantino Jewelry Andromeda Collection Rings

Andromeda Collection has several kinds of rings to choose from. One of the most popular ones is the sterling silver 18k gold round stone ring, which is mounted by a lapis gem. Its intricate details surround the deep blue gem which is a perfect accessory that exudes cosmic elegance. There are also oval and rectangle rings to choose from, with both malachite and lapis gems.

Andromeda Collection: Necklaces

Konstantino Jewelry Andromeda Collection Ornate Necklace

The necklaces are also quite a beauty, ranging from link necklaces to ornate types. The best seller from the collection the sterling silver stone link bracelet which is made up of elegantly vintage silver square links with lapis gems mounted throughout each link.

Konstantino Jewelry Andromeda Collection Drop Necklace

Andromeda jewelry collection is a kind of its own. Get your own exquisite piece from the Andromeda collection by contacting Mulloy’s Jewelry concierge team about Konstantino jewelry.

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