See The Beauty Of Konstantino Jewelry’s Gaia Collection

Konstantino Jewelry Gaia Collection

Jewelry is supposed to make women look and feel pretty, add an accent piece to an outfit meant to make a statement. Some people use their jewelry as a family heirloom. Whatever your jewelry means to you, often times, individuals wear accessories that are special or unique to them and their style.

Konstantino Jewelry Pendants in Gaia Collection

The GAIA collection by Konstantino jewelry decorates your outfits with several popular pieces and custom jewelry made with the finest materials. Jewelry by Konstantino represents the Greek mythology and heritage with rich, ornate designs, featuring gold and silver. The Gaia Collection features the motifs of Nereids, Sirines, Kaliopi, and Hydra. Each piece illustrates a story within it, uniquely crafted in sterling silver and 18K gold.

What We Love About The GAIA Collection


Konstantino Jewelry Rings in Gaia Collection

Each of their rings are encompassed in sterling silver and 18kt gold. Their signature GAIA ring collection comes in motifs with have a legendary personification crafted in each one. Jewelry lovers will find a superior piece, they won't find with competitor jewelers.


Konstantino Jewelry Bracelets in Gaia Collection

A bracelet can be a great gift, family heirloom, or show piece for any occasion. The GAIA collection has several marquise, charm, linked, and hinged, pieces to choose from directly from their website. Discover a wonderful bracelet you'll want to pass down to your daughter.


Konstantino Jewelry Necklaces in Gaia Collection

The GAIA necklace collection offers several styles with different gold and silver settings to choose from. Each piece is designed with essence, experience and a passion for Greece inspired craftsmanship. The unique Kostantatino collection offers a universal and timeless design with each piece.

Konstantino Jewelry GAIA Rings

Customize a necklace with their signature concierge service. We will answer all of your questions with Mulloy's Fine Jewelry’s Konstantino jewelry experts.

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