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Choosing Statement Earrings with Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin Jewelry What are they and why do I need them?


Grabbing a great piece of jewelry is the fashionable way to set an outfit completely off. Today’s it piece of jewelry are earrings, but not any accessory earrings. These earrings are bold shiny statement earrings designed to push that outfit through the roof with a huge impact. The only problem is how and when to rock them. Therefore, here is a primer to assist you in your knock out agenda.


No Shade: The primer


Roberto Coin Diamond Earrings


Any other pieces of jewelry that are displayed with your statement jewelry should be minimal, so as not to throw shade on the main feature. Roberto Coin earrings are bold, whimsical, and classic. Depending on your desired style, your statement earrings can state anything you want.


Contrast colors in the gear you are rocking because mixing patterns and colors is Tre’ chic these days. This small pop of color will deliver the knock out blow when mixed with your statement piece.


Roberto Coin Gold Earrings


This is not a nocturnal fashion statement, it can totally be rocked during the day simply by adding a nice blazer. Additionally, transition it to weekend wear by adding a nice tee with it.


Roberto Coin Diamond Statement Earrings


One last thing, check your hairstyle. Whether it is an up do or some other fashionable hair style, it is a chance to make an even bolder statement that will have the additional effect of directing all eyes to your statement earrings. Use your do to partially hide the statement earrings, so they peer from behind a bold hair statement or frame them in the perfect light with a low swoop or bob. Simply make it interesting because the upside with a versatile statement earring game.


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