Fall Bridal Jewelry Trends for 2017

Top Bridal Jewelry Trends for Fall The Bride-To-Be Jewelry

Many brides dream of that perfect wedding right down to the very last detail. Some dream of the perfect princess wedding while others seeks a more uncommon theme. Thankfully, there are many different designers that specialize in the type of wedding you seek and are able to assist you with every detail, including jewelry.

With different types of earrings to choose from, brides can have a difficult time deciding what is perfect for their big day. Adding color is important to any bride as well. From gold to diamonds and even black accents on your jewelry can say a lot about your personality as a bride.

The Shoulder Duster Earrings


Simon G Diamond Bridal Shoulder Drop Earrings

These are extremely long dangling earrings that help to frame out the face of the blushing bride. This type of earring is taking the rails this season compared to the safe Chandelier style earrings. Pictured here are Simon G diamond drop earrings in 4.56CT.

The Hoops


Beverly K Diamond & Sapphire Hoop Earrings

These earrings have a slimmer and more modern design style and are not many brides first choice when it comes to the selection. They are more unexpected of a traditional bride, but can make a large statement for the bride that is looking to be a Goddess on her big day. Strange these may also work perfectly for the nontraditional brides’ wedding theme of vintage or pirates. Pictured here are Beverly K diamond and sapphire hoop earrings.

The Cocktail Ring


Marco Bicego Diamond & Sapphire Cocktail Ring

This type of ring are larger baubles that will accent your wedding dress, will not overdo it and are making among more and more brides’ top list for jewelry choice. Plus you can add your “something blue” with a cocktail ring and make a statement. Pictured here is Marco Bicego’s sapphire blue and diamond ring.

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