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Get An Elegant Engagement Ring With A Jaffe Diamond Rings

A Jaffe Diamond Engagement Rings Micro Pave An American engagement ring is always designed with elegance nestled in a one-of-a-kind unique frame with signature A Jaffe engagement rings. They began their journey in 1892 and continue as an active New York jeweler. They're committed to perfectly crafted, timeless collections.


History of A Jaffe Diamond Engagement Rings


A Jaffe Diamond Engagement Ring Solitaire Their seamlessly glamourous design also includes multi-color stones. Solitaire pieces were one of their popular 19th century designs and they were one of the first to craft the design in the United States. They have over 120 years of expertise in the jeweler business for their customers.


A Jaffe was founded by Abraham Jaffe. He started out with a passion for glitter with an emphasis on diamonds. He was determined to use his special talent for a gorgeous design and this lead to his popularity in the jewelry business.


Jaffe started slowly in Manhattan and grew into a booming business. Now, they're located on West 47th street, the most popular diamond district in the world. He uses a high quality of standards and innovation to craft his rings. Experience a ring that your girl will love, as it stands the test of time.


Unique Designs


A Jaffe Halo Diamond Engagement Rings


A Jaffe engagement rings are different from their competitors with a unique structural design. Their shank provides the ultimate comfort and a subtle square base. Their comfort design and balance eliminates spinning and keeps her ring squarely in place.


A Jaffe also has a compliment of diamonds for their customers to choose from. Every unique diamond is hand set and take up to 80 hours to complete. Get your diamonds mounted by a master jeweler after you choose your stone. A Jaffe guarantees to stand behind their work and their backed with 100% customer satisfaction. Get a beautiful engagement ring that will last a lifetime.

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