Give Your Man an Engagement Ring?

Proposal with Diamond Engagement Ring Rings and Jewelry aren’t only for women. Men also can enjoy it too. Commitment works both ways in regards to the man’s hand in marriage. A lot of jewelers don’t offer this option, but modern jewelers do. Our men’s wedding rings carry all sorts of options he will love.

Commitment and Engagement Rings for Men

With equality gaining fast popularity in heterosexual relationships couples outlook on the relationship has evolved to where the man needs to make the same commitment as the woman. Engagement rings are trending to be an experience for both the man and woman now too.

With over 80 percent of women, under 30, supporting equality in a marriage the responsibilities and dedications towards each other. Especially in homes where there is a two-income earning family where the couple shares the financial responsibilities and the outward demonstrations of their love to their other half in form of a ring.

Same sex couples are often setting trends for celebrating their love too. Currently referred to as a man-gagement ring are given to both males in the relationship to demonstrate their relationship. A ring often represents making the commitment real and an outward demonstration of an internal promise between couples.

What Men’s Promise and Engagement Rings Mean

The ring helps demonstrate the off-the-status market to both and say to the world that “I am taken” male or female. As the world is changing, in regards, to equality, so are the traditions. It is not uncommon for women to approach men to ask them out on dates. So does the tradition of the engagement ring being only for the female.

The popularity is growing and there isn’t too large of a selection in the jewelry industry at present in long-lasting and strong materials made of Gold, titanium, and platinum as the current standards. Besides the limiting choices in stones and styles, it is still a great way to demonstrate both your love and equality in your relationship.

Top Men’s Rings

Scott Kay has many rings just for men.

Scott Kay Platinum 0.48CT diamond band

1. Scott Kay Platinum 0.48CT diamond band

Christian Bauer Gold Wedding Band

2. Christian Bauer rings in many different styles

Benchmark Platinum Design Wedding Band

3. Benchmark designs many contemporary bands for men.

A Jaffe Wedding Band

4. A Jaffe men’s bands come in a variety of styles with 14k, 18k, and platinum in all colors, as well as rings with diamonds.

The rings may be limited or non-existent in your local market, but you can find many selections online. Check it out today!

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