Holiday Gemstones and Jewelry By Marco Bicego

Marco Bicego Jewelry Luxe Holiday Collections

Marco Bicego jewelry has released their Holiday Gemstone collection with exquisite pieces sure to turn every eye in the room. The mixed stone necklaces incorporate jewel tones nestled into 18K gold settings that add a rich backdrop. The varied hues of the faceted stones mean that these pieces will complement a wide variety of looks.

Marco Bicego Jewelry Bold Mixed Gemstones Necklace

The Bold Mixed Gemstone Three Strand Collar features the seductive colors of India and is engraved by hand.


Marco Bicego Jewelry Masai 11-Strand Bracelet

The Luxe collection features pieces such as the Masai Eleven Strand Crossover Diamond Bracelet in White Gold that gives the popular layered look in a single piece. Sumptuous white gold based on a traditional Masai bracelet, this cuff has a woven-like texture with twinkling diamond accents. It also comes in yellow gold.

Marrakech Couture

Marco Bicego Jewelry Marrakech Couture Gold Earrings

The Marrakech Couture Gold and Diamond Earrings are elegant examples of the bold hoop earrings made with the famous Marco Bicego hand-made technique from hammered 18K gold. Each hoop, topped with its own diamond, makes an interesting and eye-catching twist before curving gently back towards the ear.

Total White

Marco Bicego Jewelry Lunaria Total White Earrings

For those that prefer white gold to yellow, Marco Bicego jewelry features an entire collection, Total White. This series contains many of the popular looks from the Luxe collection but made entirely from the silvery brilliance that can only be contained in 18K white gold.

Masai Collection

Marco Bicego Jewelry Masai 7-Strand Bracelet

From the Masai collection comes the White Gold Seven Strand Double Pave Diamond Bracelet. Between five of Marco Bicego’s hand coiled Masai bracelets are two bands of pave diamonds. This bracelet uses the hand-wrapped white gold strands for a modern look to make a statement of sophistication that any woman would be happy to find under the tree.

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