How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

Simon G Diamond Engagement Rings You have met the girl of your dreams and you are ready to "put a ring on it." You want to surprise her with a romantic proposal, but the whole process is overwhelming. You may not have the time or the resources to organize a flash mob, or fly her to Paris. However, you can still make the experience a happy and lasting memory.


By Land or By Sea

If you and your intended enjoy spending time outdoors, scout out an especially scenic spot to pop the question. Perhaps take her on a hike to the top of a mountain and then propose at the summit. If the ocean is a romantic place for both of you plan a sunset picnic seaside.


In a Completely Unexpected Public Place

Public proposals can be both goofy and extremely romantic and add to the element of surprise. Propose on a crowded subway train or an elevator (the fellow passengers will share in your joy). Go to an art museum and propose in front of a favorite painting. Enlist your local movie theater to help, and flash a message on the screen before a movie. Have fun with it.


At a Gathering of Close Friends and Family

The people around you who love you will be happy to support you. Perhaps plan a "surprise" engagement party and have a real celebration.


The Ring

Simon G Diamond Twisted Engagement Ring


Of course, the ring is important, but it can also be the easiest part of proposal. Most men have an inkling of the type of ring their lady will like best. Go on line and browse the Simon G diamond engagement rings, and you will be sure to find the style the best suits your intended. Or pop the question and the two of you can have fun exploring diamond engagement rings together, and finding the perfect ring.


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