Jewelry Brands You Must Check Out

Every jewelry piece speaks for itself, it might have a cultural representation of its own. Talking about cultural and artistic jewelry, they symbolise the rich heritage and diversity of the place and symbol it has been inspired from. For example, Italian jewelry brands focus on aesthetics and ethnicities whereas wedding jewelry reflects love and promise of staying together forever. We all are aware of the fact that Jewelry is considered a major style statement. Hence, each piece of jewelry should leave a strong influence on the person who is wearing while others who watch and admire it.   Jewelry-Brands

Here are a few artistic jewelry brands which are making their mark with their original and artistic designs. They display the rich heritage and culture of different places picking elements from the various places around the world while capturing their diversity and heritage.

Marco Bicego Jewelry Collections

Marco Bicego’s Jewelry Collection is inspired by the designer’s favourite places to travel. He has captured a tribute to the joy of travelling and his jewelry collections reflect the rich culture of each place. Each piece of jewelry is delicately crafted by focusing on even the little details of each and every piece. The specialization and customization makes each piece of jewelry stand out. The jewelry can also be bought at affordable prices as online stores such as Mulloys Jewelry and get a chance to be part of their Marco Bicego Jewelry Sale.

Gabriel And Co

Gabriel and co is famous for designing detailed jewelry by artistic designers and having dependable and trustworthy manufacturers. The designer company is also known for its custom-made wedding rings for providing their customers with rare designs. Their jewelry is inspired by the unspeakable beauty of life and those who matter most in our life. Many jewelry pieces from the collection reflect the beautiful relationships we make in the journey of life while examining each stone which is placed in the piece of jewelry.


Ritani is popularly known as one of the most innovative designers of fine jewelry, especially in the wedding collection range. The Ritani jewelry collection is inspired by the timeless beauty and the olden times when classic designs were considered the supreme beauty. Their ring designs take you back into an era where classic beauty was much appreciated and sustained. At Ritani, they also offer custom made jewelry options with a quick shipping facility. The collection is of prime quality and uses the finest of precious metals and diamonds.

Anna Beck

Another travel enthusiast, Anna beck whose jewelry collection is inspired by her love of travelling designs the finest jewelry. Her jewelry collection reflects vibrant and rich cultures around the world. The fine pieces of jewelry clearly show the heritage of different places through its shapes, design and texture. The jewelry collection is modern in its design but has a timeless touch to it as the look is classic yet distinctive. Each of the jewelry pieces is handcrafted with detailed styling and innovative designs.

Now you must have noticed how and why each jewelry collection is different from the other. The credit of the distinctive designs goes to the artisans and their vivid imagination and unique experiences. It is necessary to understand what story the piece of jewelry is trying to tell as this makes the fine piece even more special. You can explore more such artistic jewelry brands and purchase their special pieces of jewelry at Mulloys Jewelry. Similar to Marco Bicego Jewelry Sale, you can get your hands on other exciting offers. Explore the above collections and find out which jewelry collection and artist you can connect to the most!

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