New Made For Legends Platform For John Hardy Jewelry

John Hardy Jewelry Made For Legends

Established since 1975, the artisan, John Hardy jewelry, is very popular. Your jewelry is supposed to make you look and feel good. Jewelry should accent your mood, outfit, or features, and can be passed down as a family heirloom. Most of all, your jewelry is a glimpse into your creative expression.

John Hardy Jewelry Dragon Necklace

Jewelry is used to express yourself, and John Hardy jewelry is there to celebrate the decorated you with exclusive and customized pieces available. They present a dynamic that continues to be a legend among millions of wearers.

John Hardy Jewelry Is Made For Legends

John Hardy Jewelry Made For Legends

John Hardy’s legendary craftsmanship through the newest promo, “Made For Legends,” connects you to the myth, mystery, and muse of the pioneering legacy of Cynthia Hardy, wife to founder, John Hardy. Each piece is featured from the Naga Collection, and is a dynamic, powerful design, handcrafted by Balinese artisans. The techniques used are passed down through the ages by Master Artisans.

John Hardy Jewelry Naga Collection

Made For Legends celebrates the bold, independent spirit of women. The collection pushes beyond traditional conventions of women who typically receive jewelry as gifts. The assortment of jewelry encourages strength and courage in every woman to acquire their own piece of the jewelry as an attribute to their achievement and power of personal expression.

John Hardy Jewelry Naga Gold Dragon Bracelet

Modern day icons have embraced the meaningful platfor of Made for Legends by John Hardy jewelry including Julianne Moore and Adowa Aboah. They inspire women everywhere to create their own identity in a legendary effort to stand for their convictions through a proud jewelry Artisan collection.

The campaign has been proudly developed with the New York Matte projects agency. Learn more about acquiring your John Hardy Made For Legends designs through Mulloy's Fine Jewelry.

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