Konstantino Jewelry: The Essence of Greece

Konstantino Jewelry Bracelets

With unique craftsmanship, Konstantino jewelry is created individually in Athens showcasing beauty and designs of excellent artisanship. The inspiration for the pieces comes from the history of Greece. The engravings on each piece of jewelry can be related back early Greek jewelry as the same ancient engravings appear on both. Made from sterling silver and 18 karat gold, Konstantino not only designs intricate pieces for women but also creates rings that are desired by men for their masculine yet sophisticated design.

Konstantino grew up in the village of Melitea, home of the famous Greek warrior, Achilles of Troy. He focuses his jewelry design with passion around the art, mythology, architecture, and people of Greece. Konstantino has grown his jewelry business to now 12 stores located all across the world. Each piece is individually “made by hands with sweat, love and passion” as stated by Konstantino. It’s important that the jewelry is made this way so that the design retains the essence and history of Greece.

Konstantino Jewelry Rings & Bracelet

The Konstantino jewelry line has been used in several popular magazines such as Glamour, Luxury Living Magazine, Vogue, GQ Style, and allure. Howie Mandel is even pictured wearing on of the sterling silver rings in the show America’s Got Talent. Aside from the 12 physical locations where these timeless designs can be purchased, there are also several online sites you can visit to acquire the jewelry. As your interest is surely peaked, you may have further questions which can be answered through a consultation with our customer service through chat, phone, or email.

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