Marco Bicego Jewelry Has Unique Coloring For Every Occasion

Marco Bicego Jewelry Jaipur Pastel Necklaces

Rare stones hold a secret, which reveals itself to expert eyes, showing the path to interpretation of its full potential for shades and hues. The stone’s color center has to be found to make a gem of the purest beauty.


Marco Bicego Jewelry Jaipur Bold Earrings

Marco Bicego jewelry collections include Jaipur, which features gemstones that are beautiful with bold colors and soft, pastel hues. The lights sparkle from the cuts made to the gemstones. The legendary city, Jaipur, is what inspired the collection, and the concept of flow in what the creations explore. The lines are flexible drop down earrings and other pieces. Each piece features a light and thin structure to capture a playfulness in the design.


Marco Bicego Jewelry Jaipur Bright Necklaces

The yellow gold and bold three-strand necklace has gemstones inspired by a tropical Indian sunset. The Jaipur gemstones necklaces are multicolor and hand cut.

Marco Bicego Jewelry

Marco Bicego Jewelry Gemstone Rings

Marco Bicego excels at designing everyday wearable jewels. He combines his classic skills with simple, clean lines to create timeless jewelry that add sophistication to any ensemble. Bicego followed the tradition of his family, working in his father’s workshop. His minimalist, innovative designs take craftmanship to different heights. He broke the rules when he mastered his gold working techniques.

Bicego’s jewelry textures feature a transformation of gold to a silken-like sheen, using the hand etching Bulino technique. Gold is spun to create coils, draping around the jewelry piece like fine threads. Bicego created a world-known, award winning brand in ten years. Second generation goldsmiths hand craft the jewelry so that each piece is unique with personal quality.

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