New Konstantino Jewelry Collections – Nemesis and Santorini

Konstantino Jewelry Santorini Collection

Since the development of their jewelry products in the Greek culture, Konstantino jewelry has maintained its legacy as a treasured distributor. The company released their most recent collections of Nemesis and Santorini.

Gold and Silver Masterpieces

Despite its highly renowned legacy, Konstantino is just a simple company that has ever been pleasing to the senses of its customers. Gold and silver are their main jewelry products till they existence where since then, they have been at the forefront of delivering a gemstone centerpiece. The jewels, in this case, have always maintained a good cut and polish that heighten its natural brilliance.

Santorini Collection

Nemesis Collection

Konstantino Jewelry Nemesis Collection

The Nemesis collection shows off faceted stones with filigree for stunning jewelry pieces.

What Sets Konstantino Apart

The commitment of their staff is the virtue that has made them stand out against their competitors. They have always been able to find better ways to come up with simple geometric shapes combined with the right and best materials made into ornate craftsmanship.

Konstantino Jewelry Nemesis Bracelet

How Konstantino Draws Inspiration

Many people have always liked to know how Konstantino learned to come along with such diligent products. According to him, it is his culture that natured him and provided him with the knowledge. Since his birth, he has lived in the midst of the well-known ancient Greek culture that has guided him to become what he is currently. His commitment and passion for learning about the architecture, mythology, history and the art of his culture pushed him to draw inspirations from the people he lived with.

Despite the jewelry bearing Konstantino a name of the past, it also represents the people of the present and future. The personnel working for the jewelry company perform progressive research to come up with better and more diligent products, thus making the pieces absolutely timeless.

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