New Roberto Coin Sauvage Prive Collection

Roberto Coin Jewelry Sauvage Prive Collection

The latest addition to the Roberto Coin jewelry is the Sauvage Prive. It is a new narration of Roberto Coin on his vision for women beyond the present.

The New Design Concept of Roberto Coin’s Sauvage Prive

The jewels come with opposing silhouettes, which act as a connecting link, anchoring them to Roberto Coin’s inspiration concept: two distinct parts, two elements, which are united by an unseen bond.

This new design concept evokes harmony while leaving room for some creativity of a rebellious nature. The concept is made possible by the use of two looks, one more geometric and seeming conforming while the other is exuberant. The collection is able to achieve both a rebellious and harmonious feel in a way that only Roberto Coin could.

Roberto Coin Jewelry Presents Sauvage Prive Collection

Bold, Decisive Design

This latest collection is more decisive than any that has come before it. It has been designed with the aim of getting rid of any superfluous elements that might interfere with the elegance of the brand. This collection is able to present a harmonious mixture of mindfulness and passion just the vision Roberto Coin has for the woman of tomorrow.

Roberto Coin Jewelry Sauvage Prive Bold Collection

History of Roberto Coin Jewelry

The Roberto Coin brand was born in 1996 when a successful hotelier decided to leave his career and pursue a new one filled with passion and adventure. He felt that he had to share his love for art and fashion with the world and he could only do that by starting a brand named after him.

He works with some of the finest Italian jewelry artisans to create pieces of timeless art. These artisans are able to bring his vision to life, in the processes, creating some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry in the world.

The new mother-of-pearl pieces will become available during the spring. For all individuals interested in this spectacular jewelry, please schedule a consultation with Mulloy’s Jewelry concierge staff.

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