Remembering Scott Kay

Scott Kay is an evergreen name in the world of jewelry, the kind of platinum revolution he brought into the industry; other designers found it pretty hard to compete with. Scott Kay created an empire of Scott Kay Jewelry by setting the bars up so high. But the thirty-year-old company went into shock with the sudden demise of its founder. Let’s learn a bit more about him. Scott Kay Jewelry

Personal LIfe

Growing up, Scott Kay didn’t have a good atmosphere at home. His mom was an alcoholic, and his father was never there in the picture. Even after facing a lot of difficulties in school and home, his spirit never died. He worked quite hard to get the kind of life he wanted for himself. Scott kay died of a heart attack at the age of 57. It came as a shock to the world of jewelry because Scott Kay’s Jewelry was one of the most well-known collections. It still is. He left behind a loving family of three kids and a marriage of 30 years. His wife decided that the Scott Kay’s company must go on.


Scott Kay had many feathers to add to his cap. He made his mark in the bridal and fashion industry with the Scott Kay Jewelry. Scott Kay engagement rings and Scott Kay diamond rings made their way to adorn the hands of celebrities like Heidi Klum and Salma Hayek. With the kind of vision that Scott Kay established his brand was something that was extraordinary in the world of jewelry. He won the Platinum Innovation Award for consequently two years for his phenomenal craftsmanship and artistic skills.

His Vision

Scott Kay always emphasized on the phrase ‘’Never Compromise” and that’s exactly how he went ahead with his company. He was adamant on providing the top-notch quality products and ultimate customer satisfaction. His attention to detail and making minute changes just so the piece could look flawless is something all artists look up to. Scott Kay is known to bring platinum into the spotlight and made some of the beautiful pieces out of it. Scott Kay’s company never lost track of Scott Kay’s vision and continued to work on its uncompromising ethics and values. We at Mulloys Fine Jewelry take pride in selling some of the finest pieces of Scott Kay. Mulloys Fine Jewelry has the latest collection of Scott Kay diamond rings and Scott Kay engagement rings.

Some facts

Scott Kay, in the early years of his career, got in touch with his designer self. That’s when he decided to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology to study more about what he loved to do. Surprisingly, he was denied the admission. After a lot of efforts, he was later granted admission into the course. The same institute now hosts contests in collaboration with the Scott Kay Company.

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