Roberto Coin Launches Classica Parisienne Collection

Roberto Coin Classica Parisienne Jewelry Collection

Women around the world envy the French woman's sense of style. Roberto Coin has launched its new Classica Parisienne jewelry collection to reflect that coveted effortless style of French females.

Timeless Style

Roberto Coin Classica Parisienne Earrings Jewelry

This collection features distinctive drop earrings, impressive cuff bracelets, and gorgeous pendant necklaces in 18K yellow, white and rose gold. Some pieces feature flat-topped rounded and oval silhouettes, exhibiting a timeless quality that can be enjoyed for years to come. Classic Parisienne pieces are universally flattering for women of all ages and sizes.

Collection Favorites

Roberto Coin Classica Parisienne Jewelry

Visitors to the Roberto Coin ballroom at Couture raved about the sensational hoop earrings and pendants included in the "Classic Parisienne" collection. They are available in three sizes and either circular or oblong oval shapes. The earrings and the pendants come in 18-karat white, yellow and rose gold, all featuring diamonds. Call Mulloy’s Jewelry for concierge service and to find out the retail prices for this Roberto Coin jewelry.

Double Symphony

Roberto Coin Double Symphony Bracelet Jewelry

This encore to Coin's popular "Symphony" Collection features some of the most popular collections in this brand, pieces that can be worn stacked together. Women love selecting stackable bracelets and rings, along with beautiful earrings and pendants that are easily matched to be worn together. Double Symphony, like its Symphony predecessor, includes looks from the Pois Moi, Barocco, Golden Gate and Princess Collections.

New Barocco Jewelry Collection

Roberto Coin Barocco Jewelry Collection

New Barocco is another new Roberto Coin jewelry offering, featuring new carefree and easy to wear hoops in different sizes, along with additional bracelets from the Barocco Collection, one of the brand’s most popular offerings.

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