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Styles of Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are looking for a traditional or epoch style, then you have come to the correct place. We have an elegant selection including many contemporary designs available. If you are seeking that special treasured style for when you propose, then you should try our Carlsbad engagement rings store. There you will find hundreds of stunning fashions from which to choose.

Discover Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Before coming in, it never hurts to be ready by doing a little online research so you have a good idea of what you are seeking for that special someone in your life. Then one of our experts can guide you to the perfect choice for that extraordinary day.

Presently we have a seemingly endless selection of engagement rings. Many of the old designs are being successfully reintroduced with a slight modification. Having your preferences in mind beforehand is crucial for finding that perfect ring for your special sweetheart.

Below we have chosen five prominent fashions, one of which is sure to fit everyone’s desire. For you ladies, choosing the fashion you like ahead of time then dropping the hint to your special guy can lead him to make the perfect selection for you.

Solitaire Says it All

Jude Frances Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

The diamond solitaire assortment is a great way to show someone how important they are to you. The showcase includes a single diamond with a four to six prong style and also comes in a large assortment of different metal settings like platinum, sterling silver, yellow gold and even the diamond white selection.

Solitaire with Compliment

Jude Frances Solitaire Diamond with Diamond Band

Having a stunning diamond as the center and smaller complimentary diamonds within the design setting delivers an unforgettable look. There is also a large selection of different styles and designs of darling metals to go with these gems.

Special Three Stone Rings

Kwiat 3-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Proclaim your romance with a three stone ring that will signify your endless love for one another. For you guys; cherish her with a three diamond ring set in platinum, white or yellow gold. It’s a gift she will never forget!

Settings with Elegance

Selecting your perfect diamond to be placed within our elegant setting will show your love and commitment. Here at Carlsbad engagement rings store, we have a wide selection of engagement ring settings in white gold, yellow gold and platinum to match any fashion.

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