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The History of the Diamond Ring

History of the Diamond Engagement Ring

Although the ancient tradition of the engagement has Grecian roots, the Egyptians initially invented the engagement ring. Tradition entails the gentleman suitor to place the ring on the woman’s left hand, the finger closest to the pinky, which symbolized the vein (vena amoris) and subsequent nerve endings that lead to the woman’s heart.

A Bride’s Pricing

The bride price was much like the woman’s dowry, an amount of money, land, and other financial assets that the gentleman suitor pays the family of his bride for her hand in marriage. The engagement ring was part of the bride price.

First Ever Diamond Engagement Ring

The first instance of the diamond engagement ring, during the Renaissance period, was by the Archduke of Maximilian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy. This betrothal influenced the affluent to also use the white diamond as a sign of wealth for the engagement.

Diamonds Enter The Jewelry Industry

Then, in 1866, diamonds were discovered in South Africa creating an industry of over 1 million carats per year of diamond mining. Yet, diamonds were still viewed as jewelry for nobility and aristocracy whereas traditionally the masses preferred a different stone or a simple band.

Diamond Popularity

In the United States, diamond popularity continued to decrease, especially after World War I and the Great Depression. DeBeers then popularized the diamond throughout the world with the simple, yet, effective advertising campaign “A Diamond is Forever.”

This slogan implied the diamond would not only outlast the other material goods that would disappear, but, a symbol that the marriage would last forever. Women, who are typically emotional purchasers, loved this statement and the symbol the diamond engagement ring represents. Today, a different stone than a white diamond as an engagement ring is a rarity.

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