The Making of A Memory: By Kimberly Nichelle

When I inherited 3 vintage diamonds of different shapes and sizes I didn't initially have a clear idea of what to do with them. I wanted to utilize all of them in honor of the family, and per my regular style I wanted a "statement” diamond piece... so I went into creative mode. After a little research and many hand sketches I resolved on one particular design, blended with a few details from my favorite designers, all offering a slightly different touch. I've always loved the timeless and clean look of Simon G. yet still desired the dramatic flare of Jude Frances AND modern lines and French pave' work of the likes of Ritani. Lastly, of course, high quality beautiful diamonds accenting the center stones - the more the merrier.


A perfect TRIFECTA, and that is the beauty of custom design - you can have it all, the ring of your dreams!!


Mulloys is very thorough in their design process from start to finish, so with the feed back from my trusted co-workers and collaboration with the master jeweler, I was confident that my project would turn out perfect. Mulloys has decades of experience with full service jewelry repair and custom work to the highest industry standards. We have repurposed many heirloom pieces in our experience: rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. We've even been able to re-design one piece into two separate and complete pieces so that more than one family member can wear and enjoy their heirlooms.


See below the 3 major phases, from rough sketching to CAD imaging to completion - A piece that is special to me and unlike any other ring I've ever seen :)

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