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The Old World Jewelry Of Marco Bicego

Marco Bicego Jewelry - Gold Cairo Bracelet


Marco Bicego specializes in rare jewelry for the connoisseur. His designs are influenced by his world travels and are crafted from precious stones and gold. He lives near the region for arts and culture in Italy and is the son of a well-seasoned jeweler. Jewelry is Marco’s passion. He has hopes his children will follow him in the trade.


Marco Bicego’s Influences in Handmade Jewelry


Marco is steeped in the arts, culture and history. He comes from Veneto, which is right near Venice so he was exposed to a very rich heritage. Every single piece of his jewelry is handmade in Italy. His background gives his pieces a unique flair and their craftsmanship is artesian. He creates new pieces with ethnic and urban motifs and believes it is all about spirit and culture.


Jaipur Collection of Jewelry


Marco Bicego Jewelry – Jaipur Gold Earrings


Jaipur is considered the cultural hub of Egypt and is known as the pink city due to the sandstone walls that have been painted pink. This city attracted artisans and is filled with ivory carvings, blue pottery, gems, silver jewelry, sculptures and stone carvings. This is the cultural richness that gave Marco his inspiration to create the Jaipur collection. The collection features gemstones cut by hand and framed in gold.


Italian Craftsmanship Inspired


Marcos pieces are engraved by hand and finished with Italian craftsmanship. They show the absolute beauty of nature and have the elegance found in Old World Europe.


Murano Collection of Jewelry

Marco Bicego Jewelry – Murano Necklace


Murano is in North Italy and is famous for products made of blown glass. There is gorgeous Venetian architecture, luxurious castles, resorts, shops and factories. This is where the idea for Marco’s Murano collection began. The collection includes a bezel set necklace with amethyst and a London blue topaz.


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