The September Sapphire

Gabriel & Co Sapphire Ring

The sapphire is a gem that is significant to the month of September’s birthstone. Mostly, a sapphire appears as a blue stone, from a pale blue to a darker blue color due to the amount of titanium and iron within its structure. Cornflower blue is the most common sapphire blue.

The Source of the Sapphire


Australia is a large source of where sapphires come from, more specifically in the New South Wales and Queensland regions. They are found in deposits of weathered basalt. They usually appear as a gemstone which is dark and inky like in appearance. Another well-known source of the sapphire, particularly the cornflower-blue stone, is located within India.

What is the Meaning of Sapphire?


Sapphire is named after an island with the Arabian Sea, called Sapphirine, where it was found back in the ancient Grecian times. The Ancient Persians called it the Celestial Stone. The Greek God of prophesy, Apollo, would have worshipers seeking his help wear the blue gem. A sapphire, during the Middle Ages, was worn by priests as protection. It was once said to represent purity of the soul. Many Medieval Kings would wear the sapphire as a form of protection.

Gabriel & Co Blue Sapphire Eternity Ring


The Most Famous Sapphire


Royal Imperial Crown with Sapphire

The Imperial State crown, worn by Queen Victoria in 1838, is probably the most famous Sapphire. Currently, it is found in the Tower of London within the British Crown Jewels. It once belonged to Edward the Confessor and is known as the St. Edward’s Sapphire, he wore the stone ring for his coronation in 1042.

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