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The Unique, Masculine Jewelry Creations of Konstantino

Zeus Collection Ring Konstantino Jewelry


Talk show legend Oprah Winfrey, rocker Keith Richards and actor Brad Pitt have something in common beyond their celebrity status. They all wear creations from one of Greece's most successful jewelry exporters, the unique jewelry designs of Konstantino.


Capturing the Culture of Greece in Konstantino Jewelry


Konstantino Sioulas is the genius behind this exclusive brand of jewelry, every piece of which is individually handcrafted by talented silversmiths working diligently in a modest jewelry workshop in Athens. Konstantinos Sioulas pay homage to his beloved country by expressing Greece's remarkable history, culture and beauty through his rings, cufflinks, pendants, cuffs and bracelets.


Konstantino jewelry is collected, admired and worn by some of the world's most fascinating people because they are drawn to Sioulas' strong and masculine collections, forged from sterling silver, 18k gold and precious stones. Some pieces are inspired by the ancient history of Greece and the Byzantine empire, while others celebrate classic gods and goddesses of Greek literature.


Zeus Collection of Konstantino


Zeus Collection Bracelet Konstantino Jewelry


The sterling silver and 18k gold "Zeus" collection is among Konstantino's most popular, embodying the rich legacy of the Greek god of sky, rain and thunder. Its designs feature cross motifs and knotted cable, symbolizing not only the law but also endless creative energy.


Classic Color Collection


The Classic Color Collection is another best-seller, utilizing diamonds, cream and white pearls, and a dazzling array of garnets, aguamarine, citrine, peridot, tourmaline and topaz. The Sparta Collection highlights Spectrolite stones, while the Ares Collection weaves its magic by using sterling silver links, black diamond accents and deep black onyx.


Jewelry for Men and Women


Men and women who want their jewelry choices to reflect a distinctive combination of classic elegance, history, as well as luxury opt to invest in one or more pieces from a Konstantino jewelry collection. Konstantino himself describes his unique and masculine jewelry creations as being a marriage of ancient Greek culture and mythology wedded to Rock 'N Roll. Any Konstantino piece is destined to become an treasured heirloom for generations to come.

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