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Top 5 Choices of Wedding Band Styles

imageOnce you decide to get married, you need to focus on wedding bands. In a Knot Market Intelligence study, 97 percent of grooms wanted to wear a wedding band after marriage. You can purchase a quality white gold band or a less expensive alternative metal band. You can purchase engagement rings and wedding rings for the bride to match. A Jaffe wedding bands are another excellent choice although a matching engagement and wedding band for her and a matching wedding band for yourself is lovely as well.


Rose Gold Bands

Rose gold is considered a romantic metal. The hue is warm and flatters most skin tones. It is beautiful by itself or when mixed with different metals to achieve a two toned effect.


Pave Diamond Bands


Wedding Band Styles


Pave diamonds can be closely set to cover the entire band or used as an accent. They are a lovely alternative to traditional white diamonds and work well in bands for both brides and grooms.


Stackable Band Rings

A Jaffe Micro Pave Diamond Wedding Band


Stackable diamond bands are thin and several can be worn stacked on top of each other. You can begin by purchasing several bands or add to them over time in commemoration of special occasions.


Multiple Stone Settings


A Jaffe Stackable Diamond Wedding Ring


Eternity bands are expensive. The version with five stones are an extremely elegant alternative. This ring features a plain band set with five beautiful stones. They are sensational for a more refined bride.


Vintage Style Bands

Modern versions of vintage rings combine classic style with a modern flair. They have delicate details, raised edges, filigree and minimal scrolls.


The Materials


A Jaffe Diamond Wedding Band


Platinum, silver and gold are no longer the only alternative for wedding rings. Traditional metals are now being combined with bone, stone and wood for an amazing look.
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