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Top Four Diamond Bridal Jewelry Trends for Summer

Bride on Wedding Day with Designer Jewelry

As most people know, summer is one of the biggest seasons for weddings. Since the warm weather of summer is typically the best time for weddings throughout most of the country, couples can usually be assured that their special day will be great for pictures and any outside entertaining. For people who are planning a summer of early fall wedding, there are some great bridal trends that can make a Wow!- fashion statement. Following up on recent jewelry trends for brides, summer is a perfect time to dazzle like the stars of the heavens and we have compiled a list of the top four bridal jewelry trends to make that special day stunning!

Vintage Jewelry Hair Pieces

The first trend that actually has taken hold is a classic and that involves brides wearing vintage Jeweled Hair Pieces. Because classic vintage jewelry was designed with such a flair for detail, these classic pieces are sure to make any bride look beautiful. Some of the more popular pieces include the Grecian-themed hair comb or clip, Victorian hair pieces or combs and tiara’s. These are perfect for the wispy, hair pulled back look. These are a delight for brides who wish to create an elegant, romantic style.

Bangled Jewelry and Bracelet Cuffs

Forevermark Round Brilliant Diamond Bracelet

There are always the timeless classic jewelry accessories for brides such as the diamond and pearl bracelets. But the more modern style of a sleek open bangle, as well as cuff bracelets, have become an increasing trend. One bridal bracelet of the summer season is the round diamond bracelet by Forevermark. These lovely pieces are perfect for weddings and any formal event. Because of this these wonderful jewelry pieces can be used time and time again for any special occasion.

Stackable Birthstone With Engagement Ring

Gabriel & Co Stackable Zircon Ring

Another stylish wedding jewelry trend that is making its way into the bridal fashion world is stackable birthstone rings. Because the jewels of birthstone are alive with colors, these gems are often quite lovely and many are accented with diamonds. These often-become accent rings to engagement rings and are used as accent rings next to the engagement ring and make for a lovely additional color scheme for a wedding day.

Floral Jewelry

Memoire Diamond Flower Necklace

Finally, adding floral designed jewelry is perfect for any wedding. Whether they are bracelets, earrings, necklaces or hair pieces, floral design jewelry pieces are popular fashion designs for weddings. In fact, one of the great new Memoire diamond necklace designs includes floral designs. Some even allow for fresh flowers to be placed within the hair piece to accent the floral design of the jewelry piece and offer a greater elegance.

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