What Inspires Marco Bicego Jewelry?

Marco Bicego Jewelry Masai Collection

The Maasai Tribe of East Africa

Marco Bicego drew inspiration for his latest stunning collection from the Maasai tribe of East Africa. His inspiration is often derived from world travels, and the ornaments of the Maasai tribe were elegant, and richly detailed. This collection adds to the core collections of the company, and uses the coil technique, using wire made of 18-karat gold to wrap around a thicker gold strand.

The traditional jewelry of the Maasai uses brass to weave around ankles, wrists, and necks. Marco Bicego jewelry crafts pieces in 18-karat white, and yellow gold with the same detailed craftsmanship as the people of the Maasai.

The Marco Bicego Collection of Jewelry

Marco Bicego Diamond Jewelry Masai Collection

The collection continues to grow, and includes diamond line bracelets, and two-tone pieces. The original jewelry collection began in Italy in 2000 after Marco Bicego trained in Italy. The similarities between Maasai jewelry, and Marco Bicego jewelry was noticed during last year’s launch. The Maasai pieces will be shown this year, and become available for independent jewelers in the fall. The diamond line bracelets have a more selective distribution, and will be available during the summer.


Marco Bicego Jewelry Lunaria Collection

The Lunaria line is inspired by nature, and uses gemstones including aquamarine, and lapis. The new mother-of-pearl pieces will become available during the spring. For all individuals interested in this spectacular jewelry, please schedule a consultation with Mulloy’s jewelry concierge staff.

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