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Natalie K. Specializes in the most desirable Bridal and Fashion Jewelry of today. Mulloys Fine Jewelry is proud to carry a large selection of exquisite jewelry from Natalie K., such as engagement rings, wedding rings and fashion jewelry. Each Natalie K is made with the finest craftsmanship and created to celebrate your most treasured moments in life. As one of the country’s most successful and revered jewelry designers, Natalie K is the designer engagement ring of choice, for today’s bride and Mulloys Fine Jewelry specialized in all the latest styles. In 1998 Natalie K was launched as a designer of exquisite bridal rings. Natalie K established a stellar reputation with unique combination of elegant and classic engagement rings in 14K, 18K and platinum precious metals. Distinctive and inspired delicate designs mastered to create the perfect ring for a 1/2carat diamond up to a 5 carat diamond center. Natalie K continued growth and vision inspired by the development of the perfect diamond by Natalie K. A perfect match for the high consumer demand of special cut diamonds created to bring out the radiance of the diamond in an exquisite engagement ring by Natalie K Hearts and arrows ideal cut diamond by Natalie K is enhanced by the perfect engagement ring from the Natalie K Collection. The signature style and crafted fine jewelry synonymous with Natalie K is available at Mulloys Fine Jewelry. Call and speak with one of Mulloys Fine jewelry’s specialist today to answer any questions regarding your Natalie K order.


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