Marco Bicego Jewelry Collections Overview

Marco Bicego’s jewelry is hand crafted in Italy and inspired by old world designs of different cultures and places. Influences that inspire Marco Bicego’s jewelry come from the arts, culture, and history. His jewelry capture the spirit of a variety of ethnicities and display a rich diversity in their design. Explore the collections of Marco Bicego for a stunning display of jewelry that will delight and captivate your imagination in the many combinations you can add to your collection.


Marco Bicego Africa Jewelry Collection

Marco Bicego’s Africa collection of jewelry is bold and beautiful with various spheres of different shapes and sizes. This collection of jewelry may look heavy to wear, but is delicately made to be light and fluid. The inspiration for the Africa collection came to Marco Bicego from tribal jewelry and the soft dunes of the Sahara. Each piece is hand engraved and textured in his workshop in Italy. 


Marco Bicego Cairo Jewelry Collection

Marco Bicego’s Cairo collection of jewelry is inspired by the old-world styles of the fine sands in Egypt. The necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings use fine strands of yellow gold hand twisted to achieve a woven silk look to the style. The dedication Bicego shows in this classic, yet contemporary collection of jewelry, is rooted in values. Each piece contains a link from the past to the present as the distinguished taste of Cairo is captured in each creation.


Marco Bicego Delicati Jewelry Collection

Marco Bicego’s Delicati Collection is inspired by his favorite collections and captures a tribute to the joy of traveling. Each piece is delicately crafted with minute details and captures the spirit of Bicego’s most successful collections. 


Marco Bicego GOA Jewelry Collection

Marco Bicego’s GOA collection contrasts diamonds with hand twisted gold layers. Each necklace, pendant, bracelet, earring set, and ring exudes this signature look. The 18-carat gold and diamonds dance within the curves of each piece into elegance. 

Jaipur Color

Marco Bicego Jaipur Color Collection

Marco Bicego’s Jaipur Color jewelry is a playful mix of hand crafted gemstones and gold frames, inspired by the colorful city in India. Each piece is imperfectly crafted as the highlight for the nature of the pieces, which produces a whimsical look in its delicate and contemporary designs.

The collection uses gemstones featuring amythyst, lemon citrine, yellow quartz, blue topaz, rose & green tourmaline, green amethyst, and champagne quartz. Each stone is from India’s city of Jaipur. The stones are selected and cut to bring out more of its light and beauty, then placed to support the aura of the woman who wears each piece, celebrating her beauty.

Jaipur Gold

Marco Bicego Jaipur Gold Jewelry Collection

Marco Bicego’s Jaipur Gold collection contains 18k gold link jewelry hand crafted into bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings, and earrings. The irregular links capture the Bulino technique that produces a unique silk effect. The inspiration for the collection evokes the Mycenaean goldsmith’s heritage for an old world, yet contemporary inspired design. 


Marco Bicego Lunaria Jewelry Collection

Marco Bicego’s Lunaria collection is a celebration of nature as he evokes the passion of creation from his original muse. The collection uses 18k gold in organic shapes and sizes, featuring delicate gold plates molded by hand. Each piece captures the gentle movement of nature.


Marco Bicego Marrakech Jewelry

Marco Bicego’s Marrakech collection contains bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, and earrings with a uniquely modern twist. These 18-carat gold hand-hammered pieces encompass sculpture and elegance in a contemporary design. 


Marco Bicego Masai Jewelry

Marco Bicego’s Masai was inspired by the Masai tribespeople of Africa. Their colorful collar necklaces with multiple stands of beads gave Bicago the inspiration to layer strands of yellow or white gold and create these modern, sophisticated designs. The jewelry in this collection are perfect for day-to-night occasions with their stunning simple, yet elegant design.


Marco Bicego Murano Jewelry

Marco Bicego’s Murano is a bold, colorful blend of gemstones hand selected and set in gold, inspired by the Venetian sea. The look illuminates a traditional, architectural expression of playfulness and elegance. Using the Bulino technique, Bicego characterizes this collection with its unique, geometric shapes and irregular sizes. 


Marco Bicego Paradise Jewelry

Marco Bicego’s Paradise jewelry takes delicately cut gemstones and places them on 18 karat yellow gold chains to create playful jewelry. Bicego adds fine details to golden beads and gems to create the pieces.


Marco Bicego Sviglia Jewelry

Marco Bicego’s Sviglia jewelry was inspired by the cobblestone streets of Seville to look like “pebbles” in gold. The necklace, pendants, bracelets, rings, and earrings feature gold and diamonds with various sizes and lengths in their hand-crafted design. 

Sviglia Sapphire

Marco Bicego Sviglia Sapphire Jewelry

Marco Bicego’s Sviglia Sapphire jewelry collection features hand-picked and cut gems that resemble confetti secure in their gold casings on chains. The soft shades pop with bright color as the various shapes and sizes adorn each necklace, pendant, bracelet, earring pair, and ring with a myriad of color.