Simon G Jewelry Collections Overview

Simon G jewelry is inspired from vintage design to create pieces that last a lifetime. From the vintage-inspired Bridal Collection to the necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings showcase romance with diamonds set in white, yellow, or rose gold. The family-owned business has created a variety of award-winning styles with amazing attention to details.

Simon G’s Bridal Diamond Engagement Ring Collection

Simon G Diamond Twist Wedding Ring Bridal Jewelry

Simon G jewelry portrays the essence of romance, glamour, and excitement in each ring in the Bridal Collection. The elegant vintage-inspired styles of Simon G diamond engagement rings capture the essence of lifelong romance. After all, Simon G believes it is your wedding and your style. This collection of diamond engagement rings uses designs from the past to create sparkling elegance and refinement. Notice the fine, extraordinary details in every piece. Each ring is perfect for everyday wear.


Simon G Jewelry – Fabled Diamond Pendant

Simon G Fabled jewelry showcases a pendant with a unique, romantic style. Set in white and rose gold, this necklace features diamonds in an intricate, fantasy design.


Simon G– Mosaic Diamond Jewelry Collection

Simon G Mosaic jewelry features eye-catching mosaic-set diamonds with rose and yellow gold details. Fancy yellow diamonds used in some of the pieces also make this jewelry unique. Each diamond ring, pendant, necklace, bracelet, or earring set is perfect for wearing every day.


Simon G – Organic-Allure Jewelry Collection

Simon G Organic-Allure jewelry collection features nature as a muse with elegant curves and playful style. The inspiration highlights femininity with sophisticated design and color in each floral and nature piece. 

Simon G Set Collection

Simon G – Diamond Jewelry Set Collection

Simon G’s set collection of jewelry features styles with a vintage and modern charm. Pieces are creative and inventive in using color in the form of gemstones, white, yellow, and rose gold.