Sponsored affiliate has been a leader in online Luxury goods sales since 2003. Our Brick and Mortar Establishment has been operating for over 25 years and has been a proven leader in fine Jewelry sales. Our company has been approached for years to open up our qualified customer base to like kind luxury goods advertisers, like you, to cross connect the luxury purchasing experience. Our new website will showcase some of today’s finest companies in the Luxury world. After long conversations with our advertisers, we have found that our advertisers aren’t looking for quantity, but rather quality, when it comes to the qualified visitors who frequent our website. Your company can become a part of the success that has enjoyed over the last decade, and reach the same customers who have established a qualified purchasing power with Our website has built a reputation for high income individuals and our impressions will show that. Our company has focused much of its energy on promoting and cross promoting through both local media, international social media, search engine optimization with a strong focus on luxury keywords, and our substantial PPC budget to drive qualified traffic. Join us and others in our online success.

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Designer Wedding dresses
Jewelry Designers
Luxury Automotives
Luxury eyewear
Personal Jewelry Insurance
Wedding Cakes
Wedding Planners

Our Advertising programs offer the following:

Monthly flat rates
Cost Per thousand Impressions (CPM) rate
Pre-Paid Specials.
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Mulloys Fine Jewelry Inc. and reserves the right to approve advertising for its website. All artwork must be approved prior to submission to site. Pricing varies and is determined by banner size, location, frequency and validated impressions at the time advertising is approved. Mulloys Fine Jewelry Inc. will be happy to discuss your pricing options.

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