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Breitling Second Generation Top Time Watch Collection Arrives

Classic car enthusiasts and luxury watch fans have been given a new reason to celebrate. Industry leader Breitling is delighting fans with yet another look at its Top Time Classic Cars watch collection. Bringing together the best of classic car design with a beautiful set of new watches, this 2023 release comes with a few great changes and one big surprise.

What is the Breitling Top Time Classic Cars Collection?

Top time car collection Breitling second generation collections

First introduced in 2021, the Breitling Top Time Classic Cars collection is a series of watches modeled after classic American cars. In the initial collection, watch and car enthusiasts were treated to three models—the Shelby Cobra, Chevrolet Corvette, and Ford Mustang.

The 2023 collection is bringing back a second generation of these three watches. Redesigned to offer a beautiful appearance and new refinement to an already impressive line, this generation provides a refreshing new look at these watches.

Breitling’s vehicle-themed line also offers a wonderful new addition: the Ford Thunderbird. This first-generation addition, enhanced materials, and subtly improved mechanics make this a line to look out for.

What is Featured in the Breitling Top Time Collection?

The Breitling Top Time Collection received a brand-new look and some great upgrades with this latest version of the popular collection. Let’s explore what the new generation is bringing to the table.

Breitling Collection Watches

Shelby Cobra

Named after the iconic vehicle that blends together the best of American and British design, the Shelby Cobra is looking even better in this new generation. Offering a beautiful Shelby blue, this watch is an instant classic, quite like the vehicle that it was modeled after. In the center, a barely-visible racing stripe shows that this watch is ready to go. Unlike the other models in this collection, the Breitling Shelby Cobra offers only two chronograph registers on its dial as opposed to three.

Chevrolet Corvette

Taking its inspiration from the infamous Chevy String Ray, this new take on the Breitling Chevrolet Corvette watch is another masterpiece. With a bold red watch face and a subtle racing stripe of its own, Breitling’s newest iteration of this watch maintains the spirit of the car it is named after. Classy, efficient, and designed to inspire, the Breitling Chevrolet Corvette watch is designed to help you make your top time.

Ford Mustang

Paying tribute to the classic Ford Mustang made famous in the 1960s and 1970s, this green beauty is subtle, sophisticated, and energized. With a watch face that makes excellent use of every millimeter of space and a small Mustang logo, this watch is the perfect addition to any professional’s wrist. With the brown leather of the band, this watch offers a richness in design that Breitling is very well-known for.

Ford Thunderbird

The newest addition to this lineup, the Ford Thunderbird model is Breitling’s grand reveal. While the other three have come back better than ever, the Ford Thunderbird is a first-generation watch that mirrors the groundbreaking spirit of the classic Thunderbird by Ford.

With Breitling’s Ford Thunderbird watch, watch enthusiasts will receive a crisp white display. This fresh and clean design has a classic appearance. As subtle as the watch face for this model may be, the design stands out thanks to the vibrant red leather of its band. Bold, daring, and designed to grab attention, it is a welcome addition to one of Breitling’s most compelling lines.

Choose Mulloy’s When Shopping Breitling Watches

Few brands can compete with Breitling’s industry dominance and inspired designs. This latest collection is perfect for classic car fans and luxury watch collectors alike. With Breitling, you can always count on a watch that looks great and brings a little something extra to the table!


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