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Watches generally fall into 2 categories, those with a main spring and a mechanical escapement, or through a quartz crystal and electricity, or battery powered watch.


Automatic watches receive their power through the movement of the wearer’s wrist. They must be worn regularly, or the watch will stop. A winding box can be used to keep the watch wound if you do not wear it every day. It is in much higher demand than the traditional mechanical movements that need to be wound.

This is very close to the mechanical watch in terms of the method of time keeping, through the balance wheel and escapement, and a main spring to store energy. The difference between automatic and mechanical is that there is a weighted pendulum, or rotor attached to the movement. The rotor spins as the watch is worn, and is transmitted through to wind the main spring. This was designed so that the wearer wont need to wind the watch.


Mechanical watches need to be wound by hand to keep time. Mechanical watches have been around for a long time, and have the same basic principle as the automatic watch. The watch has a main spring which stores the enery this is maintained by winding the crown, thus tightening the main spring (you can overwind a mechanical watch , you should stop winding when the crown becomes more resistant, but never wound until the crown completely stops “overwound”). as the main spring unwinds it is adjusted to the speed limited by the escapement and balance wheel. The balance wheel creates a constant speed, commonly 4 times a second or (4Hz), this allows the escapement to unwind the main spring a certain amount at a time. This unwinding of the spring will drive the hands to show the time through multiple gears. A Mechanical watch has a lower accuracy than that of quartz counterparts, they usually will gain or lose up to 30 seconds a day, depending on how they are worn, and how often the watch is wound.


Quartz watches are powered by batteries. The batteries will typically last a few years. Quartz watches work by transmitting an electric current through a specially shaped quartz crystal. The crystal vibrates at a constant high speed (32,768 times a second), and marks the passage of time using this, which drives the motors for the hour, minute and second hands. Quartz watches are the most accurate timekeeping watch, and they don’t need to be worn or would to keep them up. Mulloys carries a large selection of quartz watches by Michele and Philip Stein.


The Phillip Stein Watch company has created a watch like no other. The Quartz movement watch exhibits health qualities like now other. Learn more below.


The proprietary Natural Frequency Technology inside Philip Stein watches and jewelry is tuned to pick up natural frequencies that are believed to be beneficial to life and overall well-being.

Our research provides some objective measure that Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology is interacting with the human body in a way that is consistent with relaxation and overall wellbeing. These studies are helping build scientific support for what we subjectively experience and believe, which is that there is a holistic benefit to wearing a Philip Stein. We still have much work to do before we conclusively know that our technology promotes relaxation and well-being, but this research is a major step in that direction.


Every system, organ, tissue, cell, and molecule in the human body vibrates within a certain range of frequencies and each one has an ‘ideal’ frequency, called Harmonic Resonance Frequency (HRF). Philip Stein has the ability to interact with that harmonic frequency and tune the system back to a more optimized state. While each person may experience different results, many customers have subjectively reported a feeling of increased relaxation and overall improved well-being.


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- Joe Stouter

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