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Notable Wedding Jewelry Designers You Should Shop From

Notable Wedding Jewelry Designers You Should Shop From

All our social media channels from Facebook, Instagram to twitter is brimming to the top with our favorite celebrities getting married. Every wedding seasons bring with it the latest trend in the wedding attire, decor, inspiring the brides and groom-to-be to make their wedding stand out from the crowd. One thing that we all excitedly look for when going through the celebrities wedding pictures is the wedding ring and the magnificent jewelry set they decide to bewitch the world with. 

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While those adorned by them cost them a fortune, and this is not to say that you should settle for anything less, but today we will let you know of some notable wedding jewelry designers that you can shop from, that too at a reasonable rate from Mulloy's jewelry:


Started by two brothers, following their father’s footsteps in creating unique jewelry designs and pieces that reflect reality, Jack And Dominic’s Gabriel and Co specialize in wedding jewelry. What sets their timeless and contemporary pieces apart is how refined they are in their concise shape.


Whether you are a fan of timeless classic pieces or like to adorn yourself in latest jewelry designs, Natalie K has all kinds of bridal jewelry, from platinum to diamond and gold, whichever you find appealing. Handcrafted by the most excellent artist, Natalie K pieces of jewelry are sure to catch your breath with its inquisitiveness and intricacies. All brides and grooms-to-be should consider their infini and elegant collection for women and beau collection for men.


When people say they are looking for a platinum engagement ring, they are referring to Scott Kay Jewelry. Been awarded the Platinum Innovation Award from the Platinum Guild International for his masterpiece creations, Scott Kay jewelry has a diverse range of men and women wedding collection, each with a symbolic name such as Namaste, which is a perfect balance between spirituality and strength or Embraces, which symbolized union in its intertwined designs. Apart from his acclaimed platinum pieces, Scott Kay diamond rings are also a favorite amongst the jewelry enthusiasts.

Now that you know some famous wedding jewelry brand which won't break the bank, you should always be careful while shopping for them because you will quickly find counterfeiters selling imitations at a suspiciously low price.

Another important thing that you should keep in mind is it is not necessary that you will find stores of these high-end jewelry brands in your city of residence. Which is why we suggest you purchase wedding jewelry of all your favorite brand from an online store such as Mulloys Jewelry. Mulloys Jewelry is one stop solution for all your jewelry desires, men as well as women. You will quickly find the latest design at a competitive price with Mulloys, be it diamond or rose gold. We are a Direct Diamond Importer promising supreme quality great diamond jewelry at the best prices.

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