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Los Angeles based designer Becky Hosmer’s deep love of travel is the heart of Anna Beck. As a collector, Becky gathers inspiration through her travels. The spirit of exploring vibrant cultures around the world shapes the colors and textures of each design. Anna Beck jewelry is collected and loved for its handmade quality and unique signature style. Bali is a second home to Becky where she continues to be inspired by its generous spirit and rich traditions. Becky Hosmer’s passion for jewelry can be traced back to her adventures traveling the world. While exploring various regions throughout Asia, she found that the colors and handmade art of the Southeast particularly resonated with her. After many return visits to the area, Becky took a special interest in the craft of jewelry making. It was in Bali that Becky discovered the centuries-old technique that has come to be the signature of Anna Beck. Ornate yet classic, timeless but modern, this traditional metalwork produced pieces that Becky felt were truly distinctive. It wasn’t long before she found herself working with local artisans to create a line that fused contemporary designs with this ancient practice. In 2003, she launched Anna Beck. Anna Beck can be found at Mulloys Fine Jewelry our authorized dealer. Becky splits her time between Bali, where each Anna Beck piece is meticulously hand crafted, and Los Angeles, where the company is based. Her affection for Balinese people and culture, coupled with the island’s vibrant scenery, provides inspiration that she merges with the casual elegance of California style. The result is a unique mix evident in all of her designs. Shop Mulloys Fine Jewelry for your next Anna Beck design, or simply call and speak to a Mulloys specialist to discuss your purchase.

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