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Marco Bicego Lunaria
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Marco Bicego Lunaria

Explore the stunning Lunaria Collection by Marco Bicego, available at Mulloys Jewelry. Picture a beautiful plant called Lunaria found in parts of Europe. Its name comes from the Latin word for "moonlike," inspired by its decorative seed pods. Now, Marco Bicego has crafted a collection named after this plant.

The pieces in the Lunaria Collection are like golden petals swaying in the breeze. Made from 18K yellow gold by skilled craftsmen, each plate is hand-engraved and polished to perfection. Marco Bicego is known for blending old-world traditions with modern designs, making each piece truly special.

From elegant necklaces to charming earrings and more, the Lunaria Collection offers something for everyone. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or simply want to add a touch of elegance to your everyday look, these pieces will make you shine.

As the designer himself says, "I have always believed in quality and in the secrets of Italian jewelry." Explore the beauty of the Lunaria Collection and other Marco Bicego jewelry to experience the timeless charm of Italian craftsmanship.

Visit to see all their jewelry collections. If you need assistance with your order or have any questions, you can call them at 877-Mulloys or 877.685.5697 to speak with one of their experts in Marco Bicego jewelry. They're happy to assist you!


I highly recommend checking out this store. Not only for the expert service, but the pieces chosen are phenomenal!

- Dawn Leeser

We received splendid service on a very tight deadline. Thank you for a great experience

- Joe Stouter

From start to finish,  Cindee has been an absolute wonder to work with. Talk about some of the best customer service you can receive.

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